Monday, December 29, 2008

Clickertraining: The 4 Secrets Of Becoming A Supertrainer

Clickertraining: The 4 Secrets Of Becoming A Supertrainer CLIK PICTURE /// /// CLIK LINK /// /// From Morten Egtvedt & Cecilie Koeste
September 21th, 2008
Dear Fellow Dog Trainer,
Did you know that there are 4 important secrets about training dogs (or any other animals), that can make YOU capable of solving every behavior problem you will ever meet - and teach any new behavior or trick you can imagine?
Did you know that regardless of whether you have just gotten your first puppy or whether you are already an exerienced dog owner or trainer - learning these secrets could change your life?
Did you know that everything you have heard about clicker training until now may be just the tip of the iceberg?
Did you know that most people using clicker training today never really unleash the full potential of this powerful technology?
Well, that is going to change for you, my friend... CLIK /// /// soon as you learn the 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer.
Meet Emma. She is the kind of dog trainer who is able to solve ANY kind of dog problem. No matter what kind of dog, no matter what kind of behavior problem. Emma knows exactly how to analyze the problem, design a training plan and fix it. And dogs just love her!
Emma used to be just like most other dog owners. She believed that advanced dog training was only for experts with special talents (you know, like the "dog whisperers" on TV).
But then Emma learned about Clicker Training and the 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer. And when you know these secrets your life changes. Because now you always know where to look for solutions when you want to fix a problem, teach a new behavior or improve your training.
When YOU learn these 4 secrets you too will be ready to face ANY training challenge. And just like Emma you will be laughing at "dog whisperers" with all their superstitious explanations.
Because you will know that dog training is not magic - its SCIENCE. And everyone can learn these scientific principles and use them effectively in their training. CLIK LINK /// ///